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The best Shapewear products for women

The easy way to get an A-list body in an instant?

The women’s underwear market has been revolutionised in recent years with the introduction of shapewear; body sculpting underwear that flattens and tones in an instant. Gone are the days when those wobbly bits would prevent you from wearing that slinky dress, now anyone can enjoy a slimmer silhouette without the gruelling workouts or extreme dieting.

This red carpet secret has kept the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Princess Beatrice and Oprah Winfrey wowing us with svelte figures and slimline curves for years, and today, no wardrobe is complete without at least one item of ‘emergency shapewear’ on hand for those special occasions.

The concept of body shaping underwear is simple; we all want to cover those little imperfections, that mummy tummy, those slightly untoned thighs, and that not-quite-hourglass waist. The strong, lycra-enriched fabric that makes up most brands of shapewear is designed to streamline those bits, slim down your overall shape and basically hold everything where it needs to be.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from high waist briefs to flatten the tummy to full-on body shapers that cover the thighs right up to the bust. This sort of underwear can help you lose an inch instantly and makes lumps, bumps and VPLs a thing of the past.

Can you wear it everyday?

Don’t be left thinking that your body shaper needs to be stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, waiting for the next black-tie event.

Shapewear can be worn under pretty much anything, making it the most versatile piece of underwear that you will probably ever own.

Wear them under everything from skirts and shirts to dresses and jeans and no one will ever need know that you’re hiding a multitude of sins!

Recommended Shapewear brands

Recently launched shapewear range, Pelham and Strutt have even taken shapewear to the next level, introducing its distinctive ‘Y’ shape mapping and compression areas that will also help support certain muscle groups and improve posture.

The brand recommends its line of shapewear to everyone, even men, and claims to be particularly effective for athletes, gym goers and anyone that suffers from a bad back as a result of poor posture.

Pelham and Strutt offer a range of Shapewear to suit every body shape.

The impact of correcting posture alone is enough to make most of us look a little leaner, add to that the strong, stretchy fabric that sucks in those problem areas and this range is potentially one of the best on the market at the moment.

Prices of shapewear very massively from brand to brand, with some of the more well-known names charging between £50 and £100 for their full-body-shapers. Pelham and Strutt have put themselves firmly in the middle in the price war on this one, offering its products between £25 and £50.

View Pelham and Strutts online Shapewear catalogue here

Buying original vintage beauty accessories

Where to buy original vintage beauty accessories – Hints & tips

For most of us the descent into the glorious world of vintage fashion starts with one item, it may be a stunning dress, a striking handbag or a to-die-for coat, and we’re hooked.

Before we know it, all of our dresses are vintage, and our cupboards are overflowing with matching bags and shoes.

Our dressing table is adorned with vintage jewellery and we can create flawless victory curls in ten minutes flat.

Our make up style evolves, our beauty routine gets tweaked and we even see ourselves walking and sitting differently. Of course we are not going to let the illusion down by cheating ourselves out of those precious original vintage beauty accessories.

Whether it be a brush and mirror set to add an extra touch of authenticity to our dressing tables, a darling little compact, a bejewelled lipstick holder or a striking atomiser, it’s attention to details like these that sorts the vintage hobbyist from the vintage lifestyler.

So how do we find these gorgeous accessories, and should we be concerned about hygiene? After all, 60 year old beauty products don’t sound that appealing!

Display only

What I would say is, by all means buy original vintage beauty products, but only for display purposes.  Make-up does not age well, though it can add a certain something to your dressing table. Keep the authentic products on display, and keep everything else well hidden in an authentic vintage vanity case or make-up bag.

That is the one essential vintage beauty accessory that you really can’t do without! You can always slip new nail files into original vintage manicure cases, or dispense foundation or hand cream into precious vintage pots. When it comes to accessories, you can guarantee that your local vintage store will have cleaned them thoroughly and so hygiene should never be an issue.

Vintage packaging is key

Instead, use your vintage beauty products to mask the packaging. Nowadays there are a plethora of brands who make vintage-look make-up, so it’s not the end of the world if someone does catch a glimpse of your lippy. But keeping it in a sweet lipstick holder just adds that extra air of je ne sais quoi and sophistication.

Wrap fragile items

If you do want to buy beauty accessories for practical use, then bare in mind their age and what they are made from. If you are worried about breaking your atomiser etc. in your handbag, then simply wrap the more fragile items in a vintage silk scarf and nestle them safely in a vintage make-up bag.

See past blemishes

When buying original vintage beauty accessories, never let a little wear and tear put you off. Lost beads and pearls can easily be replaced with a strong glue and a bit of patience. Light rust spots can be eased away with a light rubbing of wire wool. If you love the casing of a mirror, but the mirror itself has seen better days then fight your superstitious urges, carefully knock out the old mirror and fit a new mirror yourself. It’s worth taking the time to make your purchases authentic yet usable.

Create a theme

The crucial thing with beauty accessories is, just like any other accessory, ensuring they match. You don’t need a perfect set, in fact that would be a nigh on impossible task but a common thread should connect them all. If your pocket mirror is in gold tones, then make sure that theme echoes through the other accessories. If your lipstick holder is adorned with seed pearls, then bear that in mind when choosing your other objects.

There is something so empowering about using original vintage beauty accessories, it somehow makes your perfume that much sweeter, your lipstick that much more glossy and your reflection reassuringly convincingly yesteryear.

This article on buying vintage accessories was to you by Mela Mela Vintage. Mela Mela Vintage is a vintage boutique located in Teddington, Southwest London. We have an amazing array of original 1930s dresses, jewellery & accessories which spans century of fashion.

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