Best eyelash growth serum

5 Top Eyelash Growth Serums for Luscious Lashes

For years the only option for transforming your short stubby lashes into luscious long, thick ones was to apply copious amounts of mascara, but over exuberance could leave a rather clumpy sticky mess, not quite the cover girl look one was aiming for.

Fortunately, recent years have seen the development of eye growth accelerators which can actually stimulate our natural lashes to grow, strengthen and thicken.

There are a number of these products on the market and we have identified the top five which we believe offer you the best results and best value for money.

eyesecrets-eyelash-growth-serumEye Secrets Lash Accelerator

Score: 9/10

Eye Secrets should be applied daily at night so its growth formula works while you sleep.

Clinically tested this promises to make eyelashes grow longer, thicker and more luscious within 21 days, which is the quickest of the true lash accelerators we have found.

100% hypoallergenic, the purity of the formula means even those with very sensitive eyes can use it, and it also works on eye brows.

Eye Secrets unique formulation contains a conditioner which means your lashes become stronger and less brittle which in turn positively affects the natural appearance of your lashes.

Eye Secrets has had some powerful media and celebrity endorsement, as well as positive consumer feedback citing thicker, longer and more dramatic eye lashes. This one really works girls, my lashes look really thick since using this!

Priced at £49.99 for 26 weeks supply from the Eye Secrets Official Website

Kiss Everlash MD+ Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Score : 6/10

Promising healthier, fuller and longer looking lashes in four to six weeks, Kiss Everlash contains vitamins and nutrients needed to stimulate maximum eye lash growth.

To be applied before bedtime, this hypo-allergenic formula contains gingko leaf and keratin boosting peptides to promote growth, while vitamins B3, P, Pro-vitamin B5, hydrolyzed silk and abyssine, moisturise, strength and protect lashes.

Consumer feedback is a little mixed for this product, but the quality of the ingredients and some positive reviews do mention a noticeable effect on the thickness and condition of lashes after a few months.

The product does offer good value for money as most users report it last around six months.

Costs £34.99 available online from Boots

loreal-eyelash-serumL’Oreal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara

Score: 7/10

We all love a good deal and this double action product definitely fits the bill.

L’Oreal bring us a serum enriched base coat which stimulates healthy lash growth, combined with a lengthening mascara which thickens and multiplies; giving the appearance of 80% longer looking lashes.

Reviews are very positive about this product; however, unlike Eye Secrets which stimulates growth, the lash lengthening and thickening effects seem to be attributed to the mascara rather than the serum. For the price though, this product does offer an instant false eyelash effect.

Priced at £11.29 available from

rapidlash-eyelash-growth-serum4RapidLash Enhancing Serum

Score: 7/10

Clinically proven to create 50% longer and 75% more voluminous lashes in 30 days, RapidLash should be applied daily at night time.

The nutrients and proteins in RapidLash have moisturising and rejuvenating properties which strengthen, add shine and elasticity to lashes.

Consumer reviews are positive for this product, citing noticeably thicker, stronger and less brittle lashes, however some reviews suggest it can affect those with sensitive eyes. As the manufacturer recommends one container lasts only 1-2 months, Eye Secrets offers much better value for money.

Priced at £41 online from Boots

getlashed-eyelash-growth-serumGet Lashed Lash Boost Serum

Score 8/10

Bit of a tongue twister but this product promises longer, thicker, fuller lashes in 3-6 weeks.

To be applied twice daily, morning and evening, this product can be worn under makeup so effects are built up continually.

Consumer feedback reports some noticeable results around the three week mark, lashes are stronger, thicker and longer, and the formula provides a non-sticky base for easy application of mascara. Get Lashed offers a good mid priced option.

Priced at £25 from

By Debbie Parker