How to put your hair up with a Pencil

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How to put your hair up with a Pencil

In case you’ve ever thought about just how to pull your hair up with a pencil, then you’ll be happy to realize that putting your hair into a bun or loose ponytail with a pencil isn’t hard to perform, once you get the hang of the technique.

All you’ll need is a pencil and hair that’s at least shoulder length. After you learn to set your hair up this way, you’ll be able to create a cute bun without a hair-tie in only minutes.
In case you’ve ever been in a situation where you’d like to put your own hair, however, you do not possess a hair tie, barrette, rubber band or scrunchie, then learning how to generate a ponytail or bun using a pen, means that you can create a simple up-swept look with a number of everyday things.

The Way to Bring Your Hair Up with a Pencil Guidelines

It’s simple to develop a very simple bun or ponytail with a pencil! It might appear awkward at first, especially if you have never seen it done before. It could help check out some videos on how best to set your own hair up without a barrette on YouTube. The following instructions are written for those who are right-handed.

Gather your hair up into a ponytail together with both hands.
Grab the ponytail along with your left hand. The pony-tail should be just below the crown of one’s head.
Place the pencil above the ponytail with the right hand.
Contain on the pencil in place along with your right hand.
Twist the hair across the pencil along with your left hand. If your hair is long, keep wrapping the hair around the pencil till you get close to the end.
Hold the hair secure to the pen along with your left side.


Along with your right hand grasping the eraser side of the pencil, reverse the pencil and then poke the pointy side of the pencil through the hair that you bundled around the pen.

Push down the pencil so that it is vertical or angled slightly at the back part of one’s head to lock it in place.
You may also just twist your hair into a bun and secure it instead of a pencil. To do this, gather all of your hair into a ponytail and turn it into a tight bun. Twist a pencil straight throughout the bun horizontally. You might need to weave the pencil slightly to find a secure hold.

Hairstyles You Can Make With a Pencil

The pencil way of baldness may be used to create a tight bun, a loose ponytail place high on your mind, a low casual bun or a low ponytail depending on where you lock the pencil in place. The style you end up with will also be dependent on how closely you wrap the hair around the pen. You can even put only half of your hair this way up and leave the ground half loose. Sweep your bangs into the side or leave a couple of strands loose in the front to get a cunning look.
Learning how to yank your hair up with a pencil will take a bit of practice initially. If you by chance own thick or curly hair, you may only have to twist your hair around the pen once or twice. For those who have fine or thin hair, it is possible to still use this particular technique, just be sure to wrap your hair tightly around the pen. After getting the technique down, you will have the ability to put your own hair up anywhere, at any time, with all sorts of things!


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