Make up Tips for Blue eyes and Blond hair

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makeup tips for blue eyes and blonde hair

Make up Tips for Blue eyes and Blond hair

Women looking for blue eyes and blonde hair makeup options have plenty to choose from, even in that specific shade, so all you have to do is pick the tone that matches your complexion. Choose Makeup for Blue Eyes and Blonde HairThe makeup palettes that follow will manage a tremendous variety of looks from day to night.

Daytime Looks.

Whether you’re working in the office or at college, go for a daytime eye makeup look when the lights are glowing and the surroundings professional. Blondes use neutral shades of taupe, ivory, slate, brown, bronze, rust, copper, peach.

No need to go overboard with liquid eyeliner, just put on a little brown pencil eyeliner for a natural look. Your natural skin tone will tell you what kind of blush to wear for your skin tone. Lipstick should remain neutral and fresh.

Take the time to wear your favourite lipstick and line your lips using a light coloured liner. Keep your lashes curled to highlight your lovely blue eyes. Evening Out If the lights go low, blondes might begin to experiment with their makeup looks.

. Silver, white, and purple shadows look great on blondes, and especially nice when paired with black liquid eyeliner, cat-eye style. Look for liquid or cream shadow formulas for the most reflective coverage.

With a few layers of black mascara and a dash of blush, even blonds with blue eyes will feel and look beautiful. You can maintain this look flirty with neutral lipstick and a lip liner in a hot nude or pink shade. If you are ready to party, choose some bold and bright eye shadows that are anything but boring.

When experimenting with bold eye shadows, try bold colors like: Bright blue, Lime green, Pearly Pink, Iridescent Violet, Midnight blue. Vibrant colors instantly energize looks and they require very little makeup.

 One less-known but equally great makeup trend on blondes is white eyeshadow paired with black mascara. To achieve that white-eyed retro, use absolutely clear cream eye shadow that is light on the lids. For lipstick, stick to the bubble gum pinks and glossy rose tones.

Complement Your Coloring


Fair Skin and HairWomen with fair skin and light hair should stick to light pastels colors. Blush is key for fair-skinned women, as the face can look washed out. Peach,Coral,Bubble gum,Iris pink can be used to highlight naturally mild colored hair.Bronzer should usually be avoided.

 Girls should avoid heavy liquid foundations that change the color of their skin. Use a light sheer foundation or mineral powder to cover acne. Lips should always stay mild and pink, even at night.

Blondes with moderate skin tones, whether they have platinum blond hair or a darker dishwater blonde coloring, can accomplish many looks with different colors, but should avoid going too light with their cosmetics (even during the day). 

Bronzer is a great choice to brighten the face, and lots of warm colors like:Bronze,Copper,Plumb,Dusty pink,Plumb. Look for darker shades for your lips to really make the look pop. 

Blondes with darker hair and olive skin face a challenge when it comes to highlighting their features and making their cosmetics look natural.

 Lighter warm colors like:These colors will add warmth to your face without making you look too dark. Sweep gold blush on the lips and keep the lips light.No matter how pretty your features are, there is always a palette or a look to avoid if you want to look your best.

 These are usually colors that are best avoided by blondes with dark colored hair and blue eyes. In addition to ashen neutrals, blondes should also be careful with dark jewel tones like eggplant, peacock blue and deep reds that might not flatter as well as some other colors.

.Finding the Right MakeupThere are many shades and types of makeup that look best on girls with blond hair and blue eyes, so it is important to find the right makeup. Your makeup should be easy to wear and make you feel beautiful and confident.

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