1950’s Hairstyles


1950s Hairstyles
Popular Styles

One of the most popular hairstyles of the 1950s was that the ponytail. Nevertheless worn and loved by women and women of all ages, the ponytail is a very simple and classic style. There is nothing to some ponytail, all you want to do is to gather the hair behind your head and fasten it in a elastic or ribbon. In the 1950s, it had been quite popular to wrap a chiffon scarf around your ponytail for a casual, fun look.


Styles for Men

The ducktail or D.A. was a trendy style for guys in the 1950s. Men would comb back their hair and grease it into place. Think John Travolta and the T-Birds in Grease or even Fonzi from Happy Days. Sideburns were popular for men. James Dean and Elvis wore them and made them popular for both guys and loved by girls.

With hair salons popping up anywhere in the 1950s and girls paying more attention to their locks, the requirement for hair products increased.

Some beloved merchandise contained:

Stylish 50s Bride
Hair rollers

Home permanents

Hair lacquer and hairspray for the women and pomade for the men

Girls always want to look like their favorite celebrities. Many hair styles and fads result from what’s seen in the films or on the red rug. Some influences of 1950s hairstyles were:

Elizabeth Taylor

Audrey Hepburn

Doris Day

Straight hairstyles were no more the rage from the 1950s and using curly or wavy hair was in demand.

If you want to try curl your own hair using no heat I highly recommend this tutorial

The 1950s were a time when visiting the beauty salon became so popular and hair became a focus of style, and that trend continues today.




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