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From protein powders to probiotics supplements are as commonplace in our supermarkets as fruit and veg. But there’s 1 type which seems to be occupying an increasing number of shelf space: hair vitamins and hair gummies.
Claiming to assist with everything from baldness to brittleness, it’s unsurprising that these little pills of follicular fertiliser are becoming ever more common.
Can you gain from carrying a hair supplement? If your diet is lacking in crucial hair health-boosting building blocks such as protein, B vitamins and iron, even if you are recovering from disease, have been on a diet ot are likely noticing hair fall in melancholy, then very possibly, yes.

An integral reason for this is because of the hair’s place in the human body’s pecking order in regards to the delivery of nourishment.

As trichologist and founder of My Own Hair Doctor Guy Parsons explains:
“The body is an amazing machine, but it’s a great deal of things happening all at once – millions if not billions of things to attend to each moment of each day. Hair is a non-essential tissue along with the body treats it as such, watching it as a minor priority. In short, the body has a box of special treats to give to its workers – first comes the heart, and the lungs, the liver. . .the list is infinite.”

Throw in the fact that the energy demands of hair cells (the second-fastest cells the body produces), and it is no surprise that hair often falls short of finding the fuel it should feel its very best.
To keep odds of follicle exhaustion low, dietary modifications need to be your first port of call.

Nutritional therapist Fiona Lawson abides with an ‘food first’, supplements instant ethos:
“Make sure that you get the basics right first: eat well, sleep well, exercise appropriately and manage your anxiety levels,” she states. “If you still feel your hair could use a little extra help, then add a supplement”


Vegetarians, vegans and people leading high-pressure lifestyles which could lead to them to consume less than (the dreaded’stress-shed’ is one which I’m all too familiar with).

“People who eat a vegetarian or vegetarian diet do not always receive the full spectrum of hair-healthy nourishment,” says Fiona. “If you’re outside in the sun a fantastic deal, or burning the candle at both ends, it can make sense to add in a hair supplement as well as slowly adjusting your lifestyle habits.”

If you are in the perimenopause or menopause, consider taking a hair loss supplement. In this time period your oestrogen declines sharply which results in a dominance of testosterone in the bloodstream. Testosterone is subsequently converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which when it reaches the entire scalp, can cause inflammation. “This leads to damage to the hair follicles that ultimately contributes to hair loss,” explains pharmacist Shabir Daya of
It’s well worth keeping your expectations of nutritional supplements realistic, as they are just part one of those haircare puzzle. “It’s not only about inner support, you must look after the status of your hair ,” says trichologist Anabel Kingsley.

“While nutritional supplements can help to improve the integrity of hairs that are growing, they will not affect the status of present strands — and when your hair is busting in the ends, it simply will not be able to reach the length you want it to.

To help fortify and moisturise your hair, use a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, use heat protective goods once you blow-dry, and be gentle when you style.” Results may take some time too. “Hair just increases half an inch a month,” states Anabel. “You should expect to see results after about three months.”

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Here are the most usual health-boosting nutrients found in hair supplements as well as the foods they’re commonly located in to help you decide if your diet plan needs a helping hand.


“Iron is required for the development phase of hair known as the’anagen’ phase,” explains pharmacist Shabir. “When don’t have sufficient iron in your daily diet, the body chooses the iron in the hair bulb and provides it to crucial tissues like the heart.”
“However, it is very important to have your levels of iron checked before supplementing, since it is likely to take a lot.”
Iron-rich foods include dark green leafy veggies, brown rice, seeds, nuts and red meat.

B vitamins

Found in whole grains, grains, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, seeds and dark leafy greens. “B vitamins create red blood cells, essential for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles,” explains Guy. In case you’ve got dull hair or are more prone to dandruff then you could benefit from increasing your B vitamins.

Biotin is a particularly important hair nutritional supplement, particularly in the event that you’ve got a very low protein diet as it helps break down proteins in your diet into amino acids and earn keratin, the material that forms the majority of your strands.,” says Anabel Kingsley.

“Biotin deficiency is relatively uncommon but taking a vitamin nutritional supplement can be especially beneficial when you’ve got a low-protein diet as it helps your body to use the proteins that you consume.”
It is also known for its nail-strengthening forces (claws can also be made of keratin) says Shabir. But do not worry, you won’t sprout hair where you don’t desire it.

“It won’t support hair to grow anywhere else except your own scalp, since this is the place where the vitamin functions ”


“That really is the building block of hair so dramatically affects the speed of development,” says Fiona. “Some hair supplements do contain amino acids (the smallest component of protein) but it’s ideal to optimise protein in your diet ” If you are vegan or vegetarian, then check out our article on how to maximize your protein amounts from food and/or supplements for additional advice.

Found seeds, walnuts, fish and fish, omega-3 fats are fantastic to get a dry, itchy scalp and astonishingly if you’ve got greasy hair also. “It might seem counterintuitive, but it may be a indication that you are not getting enough fats,” says Fiona. “These help to balance sebum production in the body”


“While zinc is a trace element, it’s essential to a lot of biological processes, such as carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, in addition to the breakdown of different micronutrients,” explains Anabel. “The breakdown and utilisation of these nutrients is essential to hair growth — especially protein since it’s what our hair is made from.”

Zinc deficiency is quite common and reduced levels can give rise to baldness. “Studies show that some kinds of baldness are related to low levels of zinc, which supplements can help to correct,” highlights Fiona.

Great sources include oily fish, red meat, egg yolks and needless to say, sunlight. “It can help to create new hair follicles,” highlights Guy.

Great sources of the vitamin are oranges, red and green peppers, strawberries and broccoli.
“Due to its volatility, it is easily destroyed by cooking,” he says, and that’s exactly why a nutritional supplement can be beneficial.


Gelatin can help strengthen hair and nails, preventing hair loss and strengthening hair too, clarifies Shabir. It’s the pure protein and amino acids found in animal gelatin that encourage healthy hair and nail growth and this really is not found in vegetarian choices. “There’s a supplement that imitates the amino acids present in animal gelatin called Hairjelly Protein Capsules, Check the latest price on Amazon. Shabir says. “All these are 100 per cent vegetarian and may be used by people who are experiencing thinning hair, loss of feel, chemical damage of hair or even cyclical hair loss like during an interval or due to a largely vegetarian diet.”


Silica (horsetail or bamboo extract)

Silica’s function for baldness health is two-fold, Shabir says. Primarily, it assists with female hormonal balance,”among the biggest factors for baldness and the thinning of hair,” according to Shabir. “Silica will most definitely help prevent hair thinning, restore energy to hair and might even address hair loss without the necessity for hormone-mimicking herbs,” he clarifies.
Secondly, silica plays an integral role in transporting nourishment to hair. “Silica takes several nutrients to the peripherals of their body, namely the hair, skin and nails, and thus makes sure that the hair follicles are all supplied with all the vital minerals necessary for hair growth and vitality,” he continues.
You’ll locate silica in hair supplements recorded as horsetail or pine infusion. Horsetail is not as rich in protein compared to bamboo (eight per cent as opposed to 70 percent ) so look for silica listed as’bamboo extract’ on the label of your hair nutritional supplements to acquire the most effective form. Bamboo contains biotin, which we know is an integral player in the hair development match.

Best hair supplements for UK on Amazon 2021

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