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No beauty bag is complete without lipstick. Many gals have them in numbers and continue counting on. So, our choice of top-selling liquid lipsticks in modern seasonal colors will help you replenish your collection and keep up with the latest trends.

1. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

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The product may be a so-called lip “ink” that promises to make a twice thinner finish than a standard solid lipstick. And it fully lives up to its promises we must admit. The L’Oreal Paris innovation is an oil-in-water formula that delivers pigments deep into the lip skin and, at an equivalent time, lends an ultra-light breathable finish that’s “barely there”.

Find your perfect lipstick with SuperStay Matte Ink liquid lipstick. The formula is so longlasting, that it stays on the lips for up to 12 hours, no-transfer! Featuring a singular arrow applicator for precise application. This matte lipstick is non drying so feels comfortable to wear all day even on dry lips. are often also worn together with your mask as its transferproof. This kiss proof lipstick glides onto lips with liquid precision supplying you with the right shade lipstick you’ve always wanted!

2. Nyx Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream

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What makes this product confidently stand out from the competition is its amazingly delicate creamy formula. thanks to a soft texture that resembles that of a souffle, the lippy literally melts on your lips while fixing a lush finish deeply infused with pigments. it’ll feel velvety on your lips, with no slightest sensation of tightness or dryness. Meanwhile, a cruelty-free vegan formula contains no potentially dangerous chemicals which will do any harm to your lip skin and cause allergy.

Some first-time users claim that the merchandise consistency may be a bit runny. However, a special pointed applicator will assist you glide on the lipstick with maximum precision, without smearing the contours. And with an honest makeup brush at hand, you’ll achieve even more accurate leads to on the brink of no time.

Summing up, the Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX may be a premium quality product that creates professional-grade makeup available for all. And an in depth colour palette of twenty-two neutral, bright, rich, and dark shades further contributes to the merchandise indisputable benefits.

3. L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Metallic Liquid Lipstick

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The L’Oreal Paris innovation is an oil-in-water formula that delivers pigments deep into the lip skin and, at an equivalent time, lends an ultra-light breathable finish that’s “barely there”. The gel-like texture spreads evenly and simply providing nice hydrating sensations. In about 20 minutes, it sets into an ideal heavily pigmented matte colour which will stay strong after drinking and eating. Unlike many matte liquid lipsticks, the Rouge Signature isn’t drying and can rather leave your skin nourished and soft. Though not completely transfer-proof, the finish will last you almost an entire day without flaking or patching.

The product comes during a stylish and attractive frosted tube that appears very durable. A smartly designed applicator features a bit angled brush with tiny grooves to carry more product. And an upscale 20-shade palette has something to supply for any season and any seasonal colour type.

In a word, the Rouge Signature Matte is handily one among the simplest liquid lipsticks creating a deeply pigmented and very light finish that lasts.

4. Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Liquid Lipstick

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Are you looking for a long lasting lipstick that is transfer proof and kiss proof. only coming off when you want it to. It comes in Two parts, one is for intense color and the second one is to lock in the color and shine!

Why don’t you get an additional for your girlfriend, sister or mum (it makes an enthralling little present) then dare her to wear it! Rimmel London is an inner confidence that how we glance is usually cool, irreverent, never predictable and always evolving.

Seductive, rich shades like Make Your Move, a classy brown, bring out the enchantress in you!

So lightweight and versatile , it adapts to the movements of your lips. Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds to line .

5. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick

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Matte finish rocks and is not going to leave makeup trends. So, if you seek an ideal matte finish that will stay all day with no fade in colour, you’ll definitely hit the spot with the Bourjois Rouge liquid lipstick from Velvet Edition. It’s yet another great product from a reputed makeup brand that will become your one-time fave from the very first use.

The lipstick boasts an enhanced formula with ¼ of pigments in the content that will create a colour-rich smooth velvety finish even when applied in a single layer. Though intensely pigmented, the finish turns out very light and flexible. So, it won’t crack or flake even after hours of wear and will easily outlive all snacks and lunchtime. In the meantime, thanks to essential oils in the composition, the formula will protect your lips giving a naturally soft and healthy feel.

One more outstanding feature of this liquid lipstick is that it is available in an impressively wide colour palette that counts as many as 36 shades ranging from gentle nude tones perfect for the day to vibrant red and dark chocolate colours for day and night!

6. KIKO MILANO – Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour

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An ultra-matte liquid lipstick with a fluid, velvety texture, richly pigmented for pure, high-intensity colour.
Its formula, enriched with vegetable oils, guarantees a long-lasting feeling of comfort.
The contemporary packaging stands out with its metallic cap with the KK logo embossed on the side.
The new flocked applicator is meant to stipulate the lip contour with extreme precision.
Thanks to the new-generation flocked applicator, the colour is about onto the lips for a long-lasting matte look

7. Beauty Glazed 6PCS/ Matte Waterproof

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Getting several lipstick shades in a single kit is always a reward. Not only does it save you time shopping for different lippies but also you’ll get a number of colours to set up makeup for just about any occasion. If it works for you, a lipstick set from Beauty Glazed will get you covered.

With this amazing set, you’ll get a bundle of 6 seasonal colour hits at a fairly affordable price. A versatile palette of gorgeous shades varying from tender and soft neutrals appropriate for the day in the office or casual life to rich classic colours like ripe berries and deep purple making a match for a party, cocktail night, or any festive evening event that might occur. Notably, a 3.25-ml tube will suffice for multiple applications. So, a kit will last you for quite a while, especially given a fine gel consistency that glides on easily. Hence, a little will go a long way.

If you are a bit sceptical about the quality you’ll get for the price, dismiss those doubts. A lower price in no way sacrifices the product quality. All built around natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins and oils, the formula is very gentle on your lips and lends a well-setting light matte finish. Extremely rich in pigments, it might feel a bit drying on sensitive lips prone to tightness. Yet, a touch of lip balm will take that unpleasant sensation away. More than that, bee wax in the content ensures a waterproof coat that won’t smudge, slide, or gets flaky under any weather conditions.

That said, the lipstick set from Beauty Glazed boasts a balanced price-to-quality ratio and will be duly appreciated by any avid makeup fan or fashion savvy

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